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Since 1991, DADA is the leading series in France to discover art. We publish beautiful non-fiction books, and a magazine with nine high quality issues per year (which can be translated as such in every country, or easily adapted into books). Our books and magazines are already sold in many countries. For any question or projects, do not hesitate to contact our international agent, Stéphanie Vernet.

DADA non-fiction books

Since 2018, we developed a new kind of books about art, created with great illustrators. Each one offers an original way to discover art history, through specific themes: records, artists’ studios, museums,… Here are some quick insights on our publications but do not hesitate to ask us for more information.

The Big Book of Museums

by Benjamin Chaud and Éva Bensard

Hard cover • 36×26 cm • 60 pages • 20 €

From Paris to Beijing, from Rome to Amsterdam, from Marseille to Mexico, discover 12 extraordinary museums. You will be accompanied on your visit by the best guides: curators, architects, caretakers, artists… but also some more unexpected hosts! Do you know, for example, the guardian of the Vatican with his hundreds of keys hanging on his bunch?

The Great Adventure of the Book

by Camille de Cussac and Stéphanie Vernet

Hard cover • 32×26 cm • 52 pages • 19 €

Already sold in English, German, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Catalan, Russian, Korean, Italian, Polish, Czech

Welcome to the backstage of publishing! Before arriving into our hands, the book goes through all the links of a long chain: a real teamwork! Follow the author, the editor, the illustrator, the printer, the bookseller or the librarian and discover the daily life of a dozen exciting jobs. An original non-fiction book, served by Camille de Cussac’s illustrations, to know all the secrets of the book.

The Big Book of Art Records

by Charlotte Molas and Éva Bensard

Hard cover • 37×26 cm • 52 pages • 19 €

Already sold in English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Greek

These artists are crazy! All around the world, back to Prehistoric times, they have been creating art that defies imagination. Colossi carved into the mountains, towers reaching up the clouds, gigantic palaces and statues, paintings larger than walls How far will they go? Join painters, sculptors and other architects in their quest for grandeur and beauty and embark on a journey around the world to discover their most awe-inspiring masterpieces. An original and fun way to explore the history of art.

The Big Book of Artists’ Studios

by Les Canailles

Hard cover • 37×26 cm • 72 pages • 22 €

Already sold in Simplified Chinese, Spanish (except Spain), Greek, Italian

Have you ever dreamt of stepping into an artist’s studio? Seeing what Leonardo da Vinci or Van Gogh’s workshops looked like? This beautiful book offers a peek behind the scenes of 16 art studios, from Antiquity to nowadays. Europe, Asia, Africa and America’s greatest sculptors, filmmakers, engravers, architects and photgraphers open up their doors. A beautifully illustrated book in an XXL format to be shared in family, including a game of seek and find.

The Great Inventory of Art

by Louise Lockhart, Laetitia Le Moine and Emilie Martin-Neute

Hard cover • 37×26 cm • 52 pages • 19 €

Already sold in English, German, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Korean

From the Lascaux cave to street art, passing through mummies, fortified castles, the Mona Lisa, impressionism or the invention of cinema: keep your eyes open, here is the great inventory of art! Let’s discover 10 great artistic eras with this magnificent inventory – 100% illustrated. For each chapter, about 30 drawings make up the artistic inventory of the time: paintings, buildings, technical tools… A second fully illustrated page depicts the era, with a short presentation. You can also have fun spotting 5 details of the inventory.

DADA series

DADA is the first art series for the youth and the whole family. We publish 9 issues per year, dealing with a wide range of topics, from ancient to contemporary art. More than 280 issues have been published, with 60,000 copies sold each year in France.

DADA is distributed through bookshops but also by subscription, and is very present in families, schools and libraries. Issues can be translated as such in every country, or easily adapted into hardcover books.

What’s inside DADA?

How to publish DADA in your country?

Option 1: soft cover magazine

DADA can be launched abroad as a magazine, with a publication rhythm chosen by you. That’s the best way to retain the readership: you sell the magazines both in bookstores and by subscription, as we do in France or in the Netherlands (with Plint).

Option 2: hard-cover book

DADA can also be adapted into books, to be published as single titles or in thematics series, as we did in China (with Citic). For instance:
•Great masters: Da Vinci, Goya, Van Gogh, Picasso, Warhol…
•Modern art: Miro, Mondrian, Keith Haring, Dali, Hopper…
•Thematics: Landscape, Cities, Masterpieces, Portraits…
•Mediums: Photo, Street art, Drawing, Design, Architecture…

In both cases, we have more than 130 issues available to fit your perfect program! Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project, and join one of the leading art series in the world.